Vaped Inc. FOB – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Vaped, Inc.
Country of Manufacture China
Style Portable
Warranty 1 Year
MSRP $119.99

Brief Overview

The FOB by Vaped brings you the most compact and discreet option in portable vaporization with its sleek key fob design and 6 temperature settings.


A: Plug your unit with the charger attached into a compatible power source. The charging port is located on the bottom of the device.

While charging, the battery indicator will be blinking. The battery indicator will show different colors depending on how much of a charge the device has remaining.

You will know when your Fob is low on battery because the battery indicator and the temperature setting indicator will both blink red.

You can tell this unit is fully charged when the battery indicator turns solid green.

A: Yes it can.
A: ~ 7-10 Sessions.
A: ~ 2 Hours.



  • Turquoise: 360°F
  • Blue: 370°F
  • Green: 380°F
  • Pink: 390°F
  • Yellow: 400°F
  • Red: 420°F
A: No, the Vaped Fob will remember your last set temperature.


1. Raise the mouthpiece. Insert screen into heating chamber which can be found at the bottom of the device.
2. Fully fill the heating chamber with your ground aromatic blends.
3. To turn unit on – rapidly press the middle trunk button five times, consecutively to power on/off.
4. Heat & Go!

  • Now that your unit is on and loaded, you are one step closer to beginning your session.
    1. The heating chamber will automatically activate once powered on. You can tell this device is heating up because the temperature indicator will be flashing.
    2. The Fob has 6 different preset temperature settings you can select from.

    Turquoise: 360°F
    Blue: 370°F
    Green: 380°F
    Pink: 390°F
    Yellow: 400°F
    Red: 420°F

    3. Let the Fob sit for 10 seconds as it heats automatically until the temperature setting indicator shows a solid color.
    4. Inhale slowly through mouthpiece and enjoy!


    A: Vapeworld does not sell replacement oven lids for the FOB.

    Common Product Issues

    A: Yes, it will shut off after 3 minutes of use.

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    1. Since the retractable mouthpiece of the Vaped Fob is removable from the unit, just slide that out and toss it in some isopropyl alcohol.
    2. Take the magnetic oven cover off and spot clean the metal with an isopropyl dipped q-tip. To remove the screen from the chamber take the straight metal tool and poke it down the air path, it may require some effort to push it free if you have used the Fob heavily.
    3. Brush out any built up residue in the chamber and if necessary replace the screen in the unit altogether.

    Ordering / Returns / Warranty

    A: The Fob has a 1 year warranty.
    Charging Options AC Adapter
    Battery Type Two 750 mah batteries for a total of 1500 mah
    Battery Capacity Two 750 mah batteries for a total of 1500 mah
    Replaceable Battery No
    Recharge Time ~ 2 hours
    Tank Style Convection
    Tank Capacity .3 -.5g
    Tank Material Stainless Steel
    Warm-Up Time 30 Seconds
    Vapor Path Stainless Steel
    Vapor Delivery Method Direct draw

    Included with Purchase:

    • FOB Vaporizer
    • Vaped Grinder Card
    • Warranty & Instruction Card
    • Cleaning Kit & Filling Tool
    • 2x Replacement Screens
    • 2x Mouthpieces (Silicone & Metal)

    Vaped Inc. FOB Vaporizer

    The FOB Vaporizer has an excellent finish available in Black.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Vaped Inc. FOB Vaporizer

    • Grind fine and load decently tight.
    • Try different heat settings for different results.
    • Keeping the device clean will ensure proper usage each time.

    Need Assistance with your FOB Vaporizer?

    Try these Solutions to common issues:

    A: Ensure Vaped Fob is fully charged. The front LED should illuminate on the charger. The LED should also illuminate when Vaped Fob is turned on.
    A: Grind blends finely and fill the oven tightly. If your Vaped Fob’s oven is cooled off, you can tamp your blends down with the short side of your oven lid. Draw from Vaped Fob as if you are sipping a cup of hot tea; a series of short draws.
    A Blow warm air from your mouth into the mouthpiece area. Contact us if this is unsuccessful.

    If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

    Warranty Contact

    Vaped, Inc offers a 1 year for defects in materials and workmanship. Excludes cartridges, misuse or abuse, and any accidental damages.

    If you have a customer seeking warranty servicing please direct them to the manufacturer by providing them with the contact information below

    Warranty Contact:
    Email: VapedVaporizers Email

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