Mj Arsenal Commander
Manufacturer Mj Arsenal
Style Tank-Shaped Bubbler
Material Icons Dry Herb
MSRP $28.99

Brief Overview

The Commander Blunt Bubbler™ by MJ Arsenal is a tank-shaped bubbler that features a triple-slit, base connected percolator. The Commander provides portable water filtration and hand-held functionality, delivering cool, smooth smoke and full-bodied hits. Durable, yet lightweight, this “flower cannon” is palm-sized and easy-to-use.

Crafted from borosilicate glass and designed with a frosted port, the Commander was made to withstand the most rugged terrain. This premium, handblown piece boasts a completely flat bottom, meaning it can lay flush on any surface; the Commander has a spill-resistant design, making it perfect for sessions at home or on-the-go. Fire away with the Commander!


A: Dry Herbs that are rolled in either a cone, blunt or joint.
A: No. The Commander is designed solely for use with dry herb, not concentrates.

Common Product Issues

A: Make sure that your pre-rolled joint/blunt has decent airflow by pulling it out of the Commander and giving a few dry draws to make sure that you have ample airflow. If the airflow is sufficient in your pre-roll, make sure that you are using the carb correctly on your Commander by releasing it once the main chamber is filled with smoke—this should give you an unrestricted, smooth draw.
A: Place the Commander in a plastic ziplock bag with a strong locking strip. Fill the bag with isopropyl alcohol and rock salt. Seal the bag and carefully shake the bag. Let it soak for about 20-30 minutes and remove your Commander from the bag. Run hot water from your faucet through the Commander—this should remove all of the residue up in the unit. If there are any stubborn spots or hard to reach places, employ the use an MJ Arsenal Wand.

Ordering / Returns / Warranty

A: Mj Arsenal does not offer a warranty on the Commander. If purchased from VapeWorld and broken upon arrival, you can replace the product (valid proof of purchase and photo required).


The Commander Blunt Bubbler

Keep your Commander clean to ensure optimal operation. Using isopropyl alcohol and rock salt, clean the main chamber of buildup or residue. The MJ Arsenal Wand is recommended for routine clearing of the bowl.

How It Works

Step 1: Grind your dry material.

Step 2: Roll your dry material into either a rolling paper or blunt.

Step 3: Fill the chamber with water through either the joint or mouthpiece.

Step 4: Insert your blunt into the front joint.

Step 5: Put your mouth on the top of the mouthpiece. Make sure your mouth is firmly pressing into the mouthpiece so to avoid air escaping as you inhale.

Step 6: Put your finger on the carb located on the front.

Step 7: Hold a lighter or a match to the tip of the blunt while you inhale through your mouth with your lips. You can extinguish the fire as soon as the blunt is glowing red.

Step 8: Draw with good strength until the chamber fills with smoke. You can take as big of a hit or as small of a hit as you want at this point. If it is your first time smoking, try only filling the chamber about halfway with smoke.

Step 9: Release your finger off the carb. Doing so allows the smoke to clear out of the Commander without resistance. Inhale the rest of the smoke and then exhale completely.

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