O.Pen FIY – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer O.PenVape
Style Pen
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Warranty Lifetime
MSRP $49.99

Brief Overview

The O.penVAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit lets you create and customize your own unique liquid concentrates with unlimited variety. This easy to use kit includes a battery, mixing tools, and even some O.juice to get you started. A fully charged device will give you the perfect draw in only 8 seconds and is good for many sessions. It’s the perfect vape for tinkerers and enthusiasts who want more control over their vaping experience. Everything you need to fill cartridges and store your kit contents is contained in the O.penVAPE FIY Kit!


A: The charger is rated from 100v to 240v, but you might need an adapter for your outlet if outside North America.
A: When the O.Pen battery is in need of a charge, the light on the battery will flash when drawing.

At this time, connect the O.Pen battery to the USB Charger. The O.Pen USB Charger can be connected to either the G Wall Adapter or any compatible USB port. A red LED light will illuminate at the base of the battery to indicate that a charge is being administered.

Once the red LED light turns green, the O.Pen battery has been fully charged.

A: About 2-3 hours from completely dead. (Please allow 3-4 hours for first charge)


A: No you do not, the device has a set temperature.


A: As with most pen vaporizers, the O.Pen is super easy to use. Refer to the full instructions located on the ‘User Guide’ tab, but here is a quick rundown on using the O.Pen:

Charge the O.Pen: This could take 4-5 Hours the first time, but subsequent charges should not take longer than 2-3 Hours.

Mix your material: Use the honey pot to mix your material. Use about.5 of your concentrate and then an equal amount of the O.Juice. Mix the materials together with the Honey Dipper. Once at in liquefied state, begin to use the fill tool to suck up the contents.

Load the O.Pen: Remove the mouthpiece and the rubber stopper (DO NOT LOSE THE RUBBER STOPPER) Use the fill tool to fill the cartridge with your mixture. Once full put the rubber stopper back in the hole and put the mouthpiece back on. Screw the cartridge back on the tank.

Draw: The O.Pen has no power button, you just draw! The light at the bottom will illuminate to let you know you are taking a draw, The O.Pen will shut off after an 8 second draw.

A: Original: The O.Pen was designed solely for liquids. Do not put aromatic blends into cartridge included with the the O.Pen.
A: The cartridge will hold 1.0 ml of your mixture. That does not mean you have to fill it all the way!


A: You can purchase a new cartridge from this link.

Common Product Issues

A: Yes, the pen will shut off after 8 seconds of drawing from it.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A: You won’t need to clean the cartridge. You will continue to fill it up, then throw the cartridge out after months of use and purchase a new one.

Ordering / Returns / Warranty

A: Lifetime.
Charging Options 3.8V Li-Ion
Power Source USB
Battery Style Pen
Battery Capacity 3.8V Li-Ion
Recharge Time 2-3 Hours
Replaceable Battery No
Tank Style Cartridge
Tank Capacity 1ml
Heating Element Steel, Nickel, Silica/Glass Fiber rope
Warm-Up Time 1 second
Vapor Path Food Grade plastic
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw
Method Direct Draw

Included with Purchase:

  • O.Pen FIY
  • Mixing Tools
  • Battery
  • O.juice to get you started

O.PenVape FIY

The O.PenVape FIY has an excellent finish available in Black.

Getting the Most Out of Your O.PenVape FIY

  • Drawing after the heater has cooled down will allow the air vents to stay free of blockage.
  • Never leave a O.Pen in a hot car. Ever.
  • While using the O.Pen, try and keep it as vertical as possible to avoid potential leakage.
  • Allowing the O.Pen to freeze can damage the atomizer. Avoid temperatures below 40 degrees.
  • Use caution with the included G tool, as it could damage the atomizer coil if you aren’t careful.
  • Overloading more than one session’s worth of concentrate is a potential recipe for mess.

Need Assistance with your O.PenVape FIY?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: Make sure your O.Pen is fully charged, and the cartridge is fully seated and loaded properly (not overloaded).
A: That sounds like the mixture in the cartridge is very low and it’s time to refilled. It also could mean it is time to replace your cartridge.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

Warranty Contact

O.penVAPE is committed to providing exceptional products. We offer a Lifetime Warranty/Exchange Program for our O.penVAPE, go.pen & go.pen Plus products.

Here’s how it works:


If your O.penVAPE stops working for any reason—storm, earthquake, zombies, whatever—return it to your dispensary for a brand new replacement.

Keep in mind that you will need to bring your broken O.penVAPE and all its accessories to your local dispensary to have it replaced. If you lose it, we can’t replace it free of charge.

If you have purchased an O.penVAPE at www.openvape.com and it stops working, please contact us at 844-OPENVAP (844-673-6827) or fill out the form on the Warranty page on www.openvape.com to arrange a Return Authorization. Once we receive your item back, inspect it and deem it defective we will issue you a new battery. You can download the O.penVAPE Return Authorization form here: RA FORM

If the item you are trying to return or exchange is no longer being manufactured, out-of-stock or is no longer available for retail sale, O.penVAPE reserves the right to replace the product with another product similar in functionality to the product under warranty.

O.penVAPE Cartridge:

If your O.penVAPE cartridge leaks, take it back to the dispensary from where you purchased it and they will replace it free of charge. All sales are final on empty FIY cartridges purchased on our site. This would include colored, empty cartridges purchased.

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