Muad Dib – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Magic-Flight
Style Portable
Method Conduction
Warranty Lifetime
Replacement Parts See Them All
MSRP $169.00


Brief Overview

The Muad-Dib (pronounced ‘maw-deeb’) Concentrate Box comes complete with everything you need to vaporize solid concentrates on-the-go. The Muad-Dib uses the same technology as the Magic-Flight, but with a newly engineered screen that reaches 900° F in only 3 seconds. The Muad-Dib uses the same batteries as the Magic-Flight, but allows for 50+ uses on a single charge. A 1.5 ft draw whip is included in place of a draw stem to provide for cooler vapor.

See User Guides below for full usage information.

Using Your Muad-Dib

A: The Muad-Dib is one of the easiest concentrate devices to use. Magic-Flight has provided a nice User Guide, see the tab on the left, but its function and use couldn’t be simpler. The stored electrical energy in the battery is carried to the heating element/trench which heats up, instantly vaporizing your concentrates.

Once the glyph batteries are charged and inserted positive(+) nipple end first, apply a tiny amount of concentrate to the center of the trench. (the size of the ball bearing embedded for the lid is an excellent example of size) Close the lid, insert the whip into the body and the Muad-Dib is ready to go. Squeeze the battery further into the unit until it makes contact to begin vaporization. Vapors will be formed almost instantly and will be visible under most lighting conditions in the window above the trench. When you have nearly had your fill, stop squeezing the battery in and continue using for a moment to clear the chamber of vapors.

A: The Muad-Dib excels with concentrates that melt cleanly and leave no residue or particulate behind. Using concentrates that don’t melt cleanly is possible, but not recommended. Any particulate will overheat when in contact with the heating element, and will leave a residue behind that will affect the aroma in the future, and is difficult to remove.
A: Magic-Flight recommends a very small amount, roughly the size of the ball bearing embedded into the body. Exceeding this amount is not recommended. If you need more, reload as you go; a fully charged battery will provide up to 50 draws on the Muad-Dib.
A: Room Temperature to 900°F in three seconds.
A: The temperature of the Muad-Dib is fixed. There is no adjustment setting, however owners are able to modulate the temp just a bit; instead of Squeezing the battery continuously, they will squeeze and release, squeeze and release. This will allow the Muad-Dib to heat up, but not fully.
A: The Muad-Dib excels with concentrates that melt cleanly, and leave no residue or particulate behind. Any particulate will overheat when in contact with the heating element, and will leave a residue behind that will affect the aroma in the future, and is difficult to remove.
A: Nope, that’s what the Magic-Flight Launch-Box is for!
A: Yes, The Muad-Dib can vaporize any amount smaller than the recommended amount.
A: Stainless Steel
A: Its possible, but not recommended. The whip acts to cool and smooth out the vapors.
A: The trench is usually calibrated to be at 900° Fahrenheit three seconds after the moment the Muad-Dib is started, assuming a fairly slow constant draw rate and average environmental conditions.
A: The Muad-Dib is shipped with two peeled AA rechargeable NiMh battery (2000mAh or higher) and a compact battery charger. Additional stock batteries compatible with the Muad-Dib may be purchased from the VapeWorld. We recommend that frequent users purchase extra stock batteries.

Warning: alkaline or any other battery chemistry will not work with the Muad-Dib. You MUST use NiMH type rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries must be fully charged before use (about 4 hours of charge time with our bundled charger), and may be left in the provided charger between sessions. A single fully charged battery can be expected to provide enough power for 50 draws of vapor.

A: The Muad-Dib will work with other batteries besides the ones included with the original Complete Kit, however they must still be NIMH rechargeable batteries, and have their labels peeled off.
A: The Muad-Dib battery caps are an important item to keep with your batteries. These caps should be placed on the nippled end of your batteries when they are not on the charger or in use. This will prevent the batteries from coming in contact with coins, keys, or other items that may cause the battery to heat.
A: Roughly 50 uses, but your experience may vary.
A: The provided batteries, if treated well (not overheated) can be expected to support 500 recharge cycles. Therefore, even a heavy user who works the Muad-Dib several times a day can expect the rechargeable batteries to last quite a long time (think months, if not years). Although we do not make the batteries, we have found them to be very reliable over the long term.
A: The biggest potential problem in cold (below freezing) temperatures is loss of battery power. All batteries perform less effectively when they get cold. If the batteries are kept reasonably warm, e.g. in an inside pocket next to your body, the Muad-Dib will work just fine.
A: Inside the battery slot should be a foam ‘pushback ring‘ that slightly ejects your battery when you stop squeezing.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A: Always allow to cool COMPLETELY before cleaning, five minutes should be sufficient.

Do not attempt any internal or external repairs to your unit as doing so may cause fatal injury – or worse – void your warranty! (Please contact us if you feel something is wrong with your vaporizer.)

The Muad-Dib shouldn’t require much maintenance or cleaning if you brush the trench out after each use. This technique has been proven to work well: Every few uses, allow the trench to heat up with nothing loaded into it. It should eventually glow and any remaining residue turn to dust. Blow this dust away, and your trench should be clean and ready to go.

Remember to do this after every 5 trench loads.

It is okay to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the draw tube accessory, one good method is to use a regular chenile stick moistened in ISO to clean the glass draw tube, and then allow it to dry. Use great caution to ensure no liquid cleansers ever enter the heating chamber/trench or battery compartment.

It’s also okay to wipe down the outside of the Muad-Dib with a damp washcloth, using only warm water.
Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before using it again it back in.

A: Inspect your Muad-Dib often, specifically the screen and glass stem. Use the included brush on the trench, or heat an empty chamber on high for deeper cleaning if necessary.
A: Yes, but only on the glass stems and glass lens cover. Use great caution to ensure no liquid cleansers ever enter the heating chamber/trench or battery compartment.

See the ‘Cleaning’ tab for full cleaning instructions.

A: The Muad-Dib is a very indestructible vaporizer. Very few things could break on it, but if they do, Magic-Flight has a lifetime warranty.
A: Overall, the Muad-Dib is very durable (can be dropped without harm, etc). Occasionally people break the lid off when the Muad-Dib is open or by dropping it on an especially hard surface. The glass lid is covered if broken. Chips that do not effect function are not covered.

The only part which is delicate is the internal screen which is very thin — use only the provided brush as a tool in direct contact with the screen. The screen itself is not replaceable. If the screen becomes damaged (whatever the reason) Magic-Flight will send a replacement Muad-Dib unit for free (it’s part of the warranty).

A: Moderately. This is easily cleaned however, by allowing the screen to heat up with nothing in it for roughly 30 seconds, with a 60 second max burn time.
A: Yes that is fine. Just be sure that the battery does not get too hot — do not leave it in too long (ie, not more than 60 seconds).
A: Most likely not. Was it a manufacturing defect? Just send Magic-Flight a private note with your address and Muad-Dib number and they will send you a functional warranty replacement unit.
A: The following materials are used in the construction of the Muad-Dib:

  • Select maple hardwoods
  • Stainless steel screen (the same material used in high-end cookware)
    • There is no solder(lead) used in screen bonding.
  • Glasscover
  • Brass cover and a stainless steel spring clip (for the cover)
  • Silicone tube
  • Glass stem and Mouthpiece

None of these components or materials ever get hot enough to be of any concern.

Ordering – Returns – Warranty

A: Lifetime functional warranty!
A: Lifetime functional warranty does not cover lost or stolen items or chips in the lens that do not affect performance. Broken Lenses will be covered.
A: Lifetime warranties won’t require extension.
A: Magic-Flight handles all warranty requests for the Muad-Dib. See the ‘Warranty’ tab on the left for more information.
A: Your warranty begins on your purchase date. When you contact Magic-Flight, all you need is the serial number on your Muad-Dib.
A: The screen is soldered into the unit and can be easily cleaned with the included brush. If the screen tears or becomes loose, this will be covered under the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
A: Yes. The warranty applies to whomever is the current owner/user of the Muad-Dib. Each Muad-Dib has a unique serial number. The warranty is transferable as long as that particular serial number has not been previously warrantied. Each warranty replacement Muad-Dib that is issued contains a new unique serial number. As a company we track the history of each serial number that is issued and will know if someone is attempting to warranty the same serial number twice.

Once a warranty claim has been approved it is our policy to send out the replacement Muad-Dib along with directions on sending the old Muad-Dib back. We do this as a convenience to our Muad-Dib owners so that they will be without their Muad-Dib the least amount of time possible. It is a courtesy to them, it is also a matter of good faith and trust that they will return the used Muad-Dib back to us. If a Muad-Dib owner submitted a warranty claim with us, but instead of sending their old Muad-Dib back, they elected to sell it to you instead, they are in violation of their lifetime functional warranty.

If you purchase a used Muad-Dib, and it has already been warrantied before, this renders the warranty invalid for both Muad-Dibs. We do not recommend purchasing used units, buy used units at your own risk. If you must buy used, only buy used units from people you trust or personally know. If you are purchasing a used unit but aren’t sure about it’s warranty status, you may email us with the serial number and we will verify it’s validity for you.

A: Yes. Magic-Flight will even warranty units that have been modified for reasons of artistry or improved functionality.

They do make an exception for units which in their opinion were deliberately damaged (ie, for the purpose of making a warranty claim) will be charged at full retail price.

A: From Magic-Flight: Yes, we really do mean it — if you contact us in 20 years with a broken Muad-Dib, we will issue a replacement. The standard assumptions apply — that we still exist, etc. Contacting us by email is probably the most reliable means of communication. We do try to answer everything within one business day, but allow us at least 2 in case it gets really busy.
A: Not all problems are repairable, however Magic-Flight will work to issue as near an equivalent a replacement as is available in such cases. To repair a unit that has had artistic embellishments or for special woods, you will have to send an email with a description of the problem (pictures recommended), the Muad-Dib serial number, and the postal return address, indicating clearly that this is to be a unit repair, rather than a warranty replacement. If Magic-Flight accepts that repair, rather than replacement, is the best option, they will provide instructions for packaging and returning the unit to the factory. Typically, for all returned units the screen must be completely removed, the wood cleaned as best as possible, and then the Muad-Dib must be securely and completely wrapped in foil and sealed in a zip lock bag. It is important that the email correspondence with the return address be included in the return package so that Magic-Flight’s staff can track it more easily. Depending on the nature of the repair, it could take up to 4 weeks to process it and send it back.
A: Yes! Magic-Flight does require two photos during the warranty process. The first is of the back of the Muad-Dib showing the serial number. The second photo is of the issue you are having with your Muad-Dib. Any camera will work for these pictures as long as it can produce a clear, non blurry photo. Most modern camera phones will be able to produce an acceptable photo. If a photo you submit is not clear, you will be asked to reshoot the photos. If you do not own a camera, you must make arrangements to borrow one when submitting your warranty claim.

If you have any other questions about the Muad-Dib vaporizer, please Contact us!

Magic Flight

Product Dimensions 2.5in x 1.5in x .9in (6.4cm x 3.8cm x 2.28cm)
Package Dimensions 5in x 3.75in x 2in (12.7cm x 9.5cm x 5.1cm)
Product Weight 1.2oz (34g)
Package Weight .7lbs (.204kg)
Power Source(s) AA Peeled NiMh 2000mAh (Included)
110V(Home) or 12V(Auto) Adapter (Optional)
Battery Type NiMH AA (No Label)
Replaceable Battery Yes
Charging Options AA 110V Wall Charger (included)
Heating Element Stainless Steel Mesh
Warm-Up Time 3 Seconds
Vapor Path Stainless Steel, Wood, Glass, Silicone
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw
Country of Manufacture San Diego, CA, USA
Warranty Lifetime

Included with Purchase:

  • Magic-Flight Muad-Dib
  • 2x Rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries With Caps
  • Battery Charger
  • Felt-lined Decorative Tin
  • Glass Draw Stems
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Silicone Hose
  • User Manual


Muad-Dib User Guides

*Adobe Reader or PDF viewer Required

Getting the Most Out of Your Muad-Dib

  • Don’t apply too much concentrate. It will only slow down the heating process, and could cause the melted concentrate to leak out of the trough.
  • Use only concentrates that melt cleanly. We can’t stress this enough. While it is possible to use concentrates that don’t melt cleanly, you will spend considerable time cleaning the Muad-Dib
  • Let go of the battery a few seconds before you finish using, this clears the chamber and whip nicely.
  • Turn the lid only in a counter-clockwise rotation for best results.
  • While its possible to use the Muad-Dib in its ‘native mode’ (not using the whip and drawing directly from the Muad-Dib) is possible but using the whip will provide a much smoother and cooler experience.

Maintaining Your Muad-Dib


A: The Muad-Dib shouldn’t require much maintenance or cleaning if you brush it out after each trench load. This technique has been proven to work well: Every few trench loads, allow the trench to heat up with nothing loaded into it. It should eventually glow and any remaining residue turn to dust. Blow or brush this dust away, and your trench should be clean and ready to go.

Remember to do this after every 5-10 trenches, depending on your usage.

It is okay to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the draw tube accessory and the glass lens, One good method is to use a chenile stick lightly soaked in ISO to clean the glass draw tubes and trench lenses, and then allow it to dry.

It’s also okay to wipe down the outside of the Muad-Dib with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner (perhaps a drop of dishwashing liquid) but remember how you use it. If you do use a soap make sure you don’t get it inside the heating chamber, and of course don’t leave residue on the areas that you put in your mouth.

A: Yes that is fine. Just be sure that the battery does not get too hot — do not leave it in too long (ie, not more than 60 seconds).
A: One good method is to use a chenile stick lightly soaked in ISO to clean the glass trench lens, and then allow it to dry.

Need Assistance with your Muad-Dib?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: One thing you might try to remove any residual is to clean the Muad-Dib as best you can with the provided brush and then with it empty and the lid open, put the battery in with firm contact for 1 or 2 minutes. Check the battery from time to time to ensure that it is not getting too hot — ie, don’t let it get any hotter than a fresh cup of coffee.

Also, a certain amount of screen discoloring is normal and probably does not require cleaning — the Muad-Dib was designed to not really need it.

A: Any vapor that is visible on exhale is wasted, therefore, by definition any device that produces visible vapor on exhale is categorically less efficient than one that does not. As such then, the ideal vapor density is exactly that which can be adsorbed by the lungs in a natural/comfortable interval of time — usually between 3 to 5 seconds. As long as one breathes deeply, lungs are fairly efficient at absorption (for most people, better than 95% uptake in 5 seconds); however, there is a limit, and vapor densities higher than that simply do not achieve as much for the volume of materials consumed.

Given the choice between having something look good vs building something that actually works, Magic-Flight definitely prefer the “works” option. Having visible vapor is also particularly a disadvantage if one is trying to be stealthy. Further, visibility is especially bad since it also implies higher levels of smell as well — even less stealthy, and in a worse way. Magic-Flight finds it especially ironic to find people asking if the Muad-Dib can produce visible vapor on exhale — as if that were a good thing! Magic-Flight worked hard to optimize the Muad-Dib to make it easy to deliver results without that sort of ephemera.

A: You don’t have to remove the battery completely, but you must be sure to break the contact. If you have the pushback ring installed then all you have to do is stop pressing on the battery.

Having the battery get too hot can potentially damage the battery if it happens too often. The “damage”, if it occurs, will show up in a reduction in the number possible charge cycles. Perhaps after a bad overheating (fully charged to nothing in one 5 minute stroke) a battery instead of lasting 500 recharges, it will only take 400. Magic-Flight says “60 seconds” because they know and are certain that that is “soon enough” to be sure to have no problems. Performance in a battery decreases in proportion to its abuse.

You can probably get away with longer than 30 seconds if you are paying attention by checking the battery warmth, but that isn’t recommended. If you use the same battery without even a moments break for more than 2 solid minutes, it can also get too hot to touch comfortably. One answer is to use two batteries in alternation, if you want continuous Muad-Dib heating (about 20 minutes worth).

Also, to put this into perspective, note that these concerns apply to all NiMH type batteries, not just the stock ones. Energy is energy — all of it carries some risk, regardless of form. For example, butane lighters can explode if thrown in a fire. Similar problems apply to Li batteries. To be safe, Magic-Flight ships battery cases with all outgoing stock. Respect the batteries by always putting them in their case when not in active use. That will ensure that they last a long time and never cause any trouble.

A: There are small but significant diameter variations between various manufacturers. Because Magic-Flight has had to switch battery suppliers, the tension of the battery contact coil has been adjusted accordingly. The result is that it is difficult to know which batteries fit snugly in your particular Muad-Dib. Batteries from some manufacturers can feel a little loose. This might be annoying but it doesn’t interfere with use of the Muad-Dib.

To operate properly, the battery needs only to contact the battery contact coil; a snug fit isn’t necessary. To achieve this, some users find it helpful to twist the battery slightly after insertion. You can also look into the battery insertion hole while holding the end of the Muad-Dib at right angles and see where the coil intrudes slightly into the opening. When the battery is inserted, you can gently pull the battery in the correct direction to make the best contact.

A: Yes. However, you must be sure that the battery casing is exposed to the battery contact coil when the battery is fully inserted into the Muad-Dib. As long as the remaining label or tape does not interfere with that contact, the Muad-Dib should work just fine.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

Launch-Box Parts & Accessories
As an Authorized Dealer of Muad-Dib & Launch-Box Products, we offer a full line of Muad-Dib replacement parts and accessories!

Muad-Dib Lifetime Warranty

Magic-Flight handles all Muad-Dib lifeteime warranty requests and service:

  • CustomerService@Magic-Flight.com

Magic-Flight grants to all purchasers of the Muad-Dib vaporizer a Lifetime Functional Warranty for all units. Your Muad-Dib carries a unique serial number, altering or removing this number renders the warranty completely void. All accessories included in the standard Muad-Dib kit are covered under warranty for the first three months after the date of purchase.

Warranty does not cover lost, stolen, defaced, or willfully damaged units. Warranty also does not cover units with the serial number sanded off or not visible. Shipping charges may apply.


Magic-Flight (“Magic-Flight” or “We” or “Us”) warrants that the Muad-Dib® vaporizer unit, excluding instructions supplied with the product and those items non-warranted as described below, will be free from material defects. This warranty is extended to all original consumer purchasers of an original Muad-Dib® product purchased directly from Magic-Flight.com or an authorized seller and all subsequent owners of a Muad-Dib containing a valid Serial Number (“Customers” or “You”), as a limited lifetime warranty (“Warranty Period”).

Magic-Flight’s Muad-Dib® product is fit for normal use during the Warranty Period commencing on the date of purchase. A replacement Muad-Dib® will be provided on an exchange basis with a new original Muad-Dib® similar to your purchased model for any damaged or defective Muad-Dib®. Only replacements are available remedies to a damaged or defective product. Customers may not elect a refund. If after reasonable number of attempts to replace the unit a working Muad-Dib® is not provided, a refund in an amount equal to the purchase price paid by you, less the amount directly attributable to use by your use prior to the discovery of the damage or defect, is available to dissatisfied Customers.

Defective Items

Magic-Flight warrants against material manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. All defective Muad-Dibs® will be replaced per this warranty policy.

Damaged Items

This warranty covers damaged Muad-Dib units and shall apply to damage which occurs in shipment and delivery, applications and uses for which this product is intended, cosmetic damage and damage to exterior finish.

Muad-Dibs® with non-intentional Customer-induced damage are warranted with some exceptions. Warranty does not cover misplaced, lost, stolen, confiscated, defaced, destroyed, abused, willfully or intentionally damaged Muad-Dib® units, or any unit with an illegible or missing Serial Number. A damaged Muad-Dib® previously modified for reasons of artistry or improved functionality will be replaced with an original Muad-Dib® unless otherwise authorized by Magic-Flight.

Repair services, rather than replacement services, may be available at Magic-Flight’s sole discretion for Muad-Dib® units upon Magic-Flight’s inspection of the damaged or defective unit. To repair a damaged or defective unit that has incorporated artistic embellishments or special woods, contact Magic-Flight with information as described above with a request for repairs rather than replacement.

Magic-Flight will provide detailed shipping instructions for returning a damaged or defective Muad-Dib® product for repair at its California, United States of America facility. Shipping for warranty service or repairs requires the returned Muad-Dib® unit to be securely wrapped in foil and sealed in a zip lock bag. Repair times may vary and may take between 4-6 weeks. DO NOT SEND IN YOUR Muad-Dib UNLESS EXPLICITLY INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY MAGIC-FLIGHT.

Warranted Items

The Magic-Flight warranty extends to the Muad-Dib® unit and its attached components including the cover, cover lock, cover pin, trench, screen fold, and draw hole. No product registration is required.

A Muad-Dib® returned under warranty will be processed per this policy. Customers are responsible for the cost of insuring and shipping the product back to the Magic-Flight facility in the state of California, United States of America. Products shipped to Magic-Flight must be fully packaged to prevent any further damage to the Muad-Dib® during transit. Items shipped by Magic-Flight to a replacement under warranty will be shipped to Customers via ground service at Magic-Flight’s expense. Any upgrade in shipping will be at your expense.

Lifetime Warranty

This warranty is valid and guaranteed on the lifetime of the product(s) on the market.

Non-Warranted Items

Warranty excludes non-attached components of the Muad-Dib® including the NiMH batteries and battery charger included within the Muad-Dib® kit.

Every Muad-Dib® contains an orange indicator light inside the Muad-Dib® trench designed to guide you towards your perfect session. This orange light will not last forever and therefore is not covered under warranty.


All accessories of the Muad-Dib® kit, including the draw stem, batteries, battery charger, and brush, are covered under a limited warranty of ninety (90) days after the date of purchase. Proof of purchase (showing date of purchase and the name of the seller) is required.

Warranty Process

For warranty service, fill out and submit our online form at mflb.it/contact. Be sure to select the Warranty department from the menu options. Upon form submission Magic-Flight will review your claim and will respond with instructions to complete your warranty claim. Customer Service endeavors to respond to warranty claims within 24-48 hours. Refrain from dismantling and tampering with the damaged goods until receiving complete instruction from Magic-Flight’s Customer Service Department (“Customer Service”). Photographic evidence will be required for all warranty claims. Customer Service reserves the right to make warranty and replacement determinations at its own discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Your Muad-Dib must have a serial number intact to qualify for warranty service. The warranty does not cover Muad-Dibs with missing or tampered serial numbers.

Failure to follow Magic-Flight’s instructions may void your warranty subject to Magic-Flight’s discretion.

This warranty is valid only when the Muad-Dib® is used with appropriate equipment in conformity with the instructions described within the Magic-Flight Muad-Dib® Flight Guide or other instruction manual included.

This warranty is null and void if the Muad-Dib® is not purchased through an authorized seller as designated by Magic-Flight. This warranty is null and void if purchased on eBay®, Amazon®, Craigslist® or similar non-registered marketplace with independent sellers. You are encouraged to contact us to verify whether your Muad-Dib® is purchased through an authorized seller prior to purchasing your Muad-Dib®. In the event you purchase from an unauthorized seller, such as eBay®, Amazon®, and Craigslist®, your sole remedy is to make a claim with the sellers buyer protection program.

Warranty is null and void if the Muad-Dib® original Serial Number has been altered, changed, manipulated, counterfeited, removed, sanded or illegible.

Warranty is null and void where Magic-Flight is unable to identify a Muad-Dib® serial number due to counterfeiting or any other reason listed above.

Warranty is null and void for a Muad-Dib® with a Serial Number already processed for warranty service. Every Muad-Dib® is issued one unique identifying Serial Number. Serial Numbers identify Muad-Dibs® for warranty service. For this reason, Magic-Flight does not recommend purchasing used Muad-Dib® units. Purchasers of a used Muad-Dib® risk purchasing previously warranted Muad-Dib®. If you must buy used, only buy used units from people you trust or personally know. If you are purchasing a used unit and need clarification about its warranty status, you may contact us with the Serial Number to verify warranty eligibility.

Serial Numbers are unique identifiers of your Muad-Dib product® and should not be shared or communicated with other parties.

Return Requirements and Replacement

Upon approving a warranty claim, a replacement Muad-Dib will be shipped to you. Your replacement under warranty will be processed after we receive, inspect, and verify your return. In special instances, and at Magic-Flight’s sole discretion, a Muad-Dib® may be shipped to Customer immediately upon processing the warranty claim. This process is done to reduce the time Customers remain without a Muad-Dib®. We will attempt to notify Customers via email with replacement details as soon as it has been fully processed.

All returned Muad-Dib® must include the original packaging material. If the original packaging materials are not available, Customers must provide reasonably adequate packaging to eliminate any damage during shipping. All items authorized for return must be shipped to Magic-Flight® at Customer’s expense via traceable shipping methods.

All returned Muad-Dib® are inspected. Muad-Dib® returned for warranty become property of Magic-Flight.


This warranty policy is granted to all original consumer purchasers of the Muad-Dib®. This Warranty Policy is transferrable to all subsequent purchasers and owners so long the subsequent purchaser purchased the original Muad-Dib® from a source traceable to an authorized seller and the Muad-Dib® unit contains a valid and legible Serial Number not previously warranted.

Additional Information

If items are returned due to an error on Magic-Flight’s part, Magic-Flight will pay one-way shipping costs for the specified item as expressly approved by Magic-Flight. This policy is subject to Magic-Flight’s full claims review.





If you need more information about Muad-Dib’s Warranty, please Contact us

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