Linx Hypnos Zero – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Linx Vapor
Style Pen
Charging Time 1-2 Hours
Warranty 1 Year
MSRP $77.99

Brief Overview

The Linx Hypnos Zero vape pen is a huge advancement in atomizer technology that brings a coil-free design and 4 temperature settings – the flavor transfer on the Hypnos Zero is unparalleled. “Hypnos is the god of sleep. He will leave you in a trance…”


A: The charger is USB and will work globally.
A: About 1-2 hours.
A: Simply remove the atomizer from the battery, and connect the battery to the charger!
A: The red light on the charger will change to green.
A: The power button will flash when you press it.


A: Once the unit is on, click the button 3 times to change the heat setting.

Blue indicates low heat.
Green indicates medium heat.
Yellow indicates medium high heat.
Red indicates high heat.

A: No, you do not, the Hypnos will remember whatever heat setting you last had it on.


A: The Hypnos is very simple to use!
1. Screw the mouthpiece off to separate it from the heating chamber of your pen.
2. Prepare your product and load directly onto the heating chamber (atomizer). Ensure direct contact is avoided between loading tool and heating element.
3. Once your product is properly loaded, reconnect airflow regulator to heating chamber. Ensure chamber is not overloaded as this can cause the product to fail and will not be covered under warranty.
4. Press the button on the battery 5 times quickly to turn the unit on.
5. Click 3 times to toggle between the 3 heat settings.
6. Then press and hold the button while inhaling to administer vapor.
A: The Hypnos was designed for solid concentrates only.
A: It’s best to not over fill the heating chamber. Just apply enough for one session at a time.
A: Occasionally through use, especially when drawing rapidly, the melted concentrate can cling to the sides of the crucible, preventing it from making contact with the atomizer coil. Using the unique included tool, you can ‘push’ the buildup on the sidewalls back down into the crucible for use. Use caution not to make contact with the atomizer, you could damage it very easily.


A: This depends on how often you use the Hypnos. It will be about 4-6 weeks varying on use.
*This does not mean it could not last longer.*

Common Product Issues

A: Yes, it will shut off after being activated for 15 seconds.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A: Cleaning the Hypnos is simple!

  • Atomizer: Submerge your atomizer (ceramic plate side down) in 1cm of Isopropyl alcohol for two hours. Dry the atomizer completely before reattaching to your battery. Do not try to poke, scratch, push, pull or move the ceramic plate in any way with any tool as this may permanently damage your atomizer.

    Also check out this cleaning video – Hypnos Zero Cleaning Instructions.
  • Mouthpiece: Unscrew the glass mouthpiece tube from the metal filter section. Soak the filter section in Isopropyl alcohol for two hours to clean it. Using a Q-tip soaked with Isopropyl alcohol, gently rub the inside and outside of the glass tube as well as the metal base until clean.

Ordering / Returns / Warranty

Product Dimensions 14 mm (Diameter) x 107 mm (Length)
Charging Options USB
Battery Type Li-Ion 650 mah Battery
Battery Style Barrel
Battery Capacity 650 mah
Replaceable Battery No
Recharge Time 1-2 Hours
Warm-Up Time ~ 2 Seconds
Tank Style Ceramic
Tank Capacity One Session
Tank Material Ceramic
Heating Element Ceramic
Vapor Math Medical grade glass and steel
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw
Method Conduction
Warranty 1 Year

Included with Purchase:

  • Linx Hypnos Zero battery
  • Linx Hypnos Zero battery Atomizer
  • 2x Glass Mouthpieces
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Hypnos Zero

    The Hypnos Zero has an excellent finish available in Silver.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Linx Hypnos Zero

    • Drawing after the heater has cooled down will allow the air vents to stay free of blockage.
    • Never leave a Hypnos in a hot car. Ever.
    • Allowing the Hypnos to freeze can damage the atomizer. Avoid temperatures below 40 degrees.
    • Use caution with the included tool, as it could damage the atomizer coil if you aren’t careful.
    • Overloading more than one session’s worth of concentrate is a potential recipe for mess.

    Need Assistance with your Linx Hypnos Zero?

    Try these Solutions to common issues:

    A: A few things could be causing this. Is the 5-click safety lock in place? Try clicking your Hypnos button five times and see if anything happens.

    Are you getting any light at all from the button? If not, make sure that its charged properly. This seems obvious, until you realize the power strip you were plugged into wasn’t turned on. Or…the USB port you were plugged into wasn’t actually a powered USB port. Or…there are many reasons to think your vaporizer is charging…when it isn’t. It happens all the time.

    If you have charged it fully, and unlocked the power button, and are still getting no vapors, remove the mouthpiece, press the button, and see if the atomizer is at least getting warm?

    If you have no activity from a fully charged Hypnos , it’s possible that your atomizer has died. We’ll have replacement cartridges available.

    A: Make sure your Hypnos is fully charged, and the atomizer coil is fully seated and loaded properly (not overloaded). Try different temperature settings to get thicker vapor.
    A: If this occurs, allow the Hypnos to heat up for five seconds, and try to draw, this should allow the concentrate blockage to free itself.

    As you continue to use the Hypnos , be mindful of this blockage potential. One trick to prevent it from happening is to continue to draw through through the Hypnos once a minute as it is cooling. Once all the internals have cooled to room temperature, you can stop.

    Warranty Contact

    Linx Vapor
    1 (888) 828-0116

    MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY FOR LINX HYPNOS VAPORIZER stands behind our products and provide 1 year limited warranty for all vaporizers.

    Your warranty covers defects in electronic components for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase an authorized retailer. If a defect exists,, at its option, will:

    • Repair the product at no charge using new or refurbished parts or
    • Exchange the product with a functional equivalent product that is new or refurbished or
    • Refund the original purchase price

    Due to the nature of the product, there is no warranty coverage or replacement available to tanks or coils or other non-electronic parts.

    The warranty does not apply to any non-LINX vaporizers. LinxVapor does not cover normal wear and tear, dents, scratches, broken glasses/plastics, loss, or theft. This warranty excludes damages resulting from abuse, accident, modifications or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship. Customization of your product voids your warranty.

    We cannot offer warranty services on any LINX branded items sold from any marketplace-style sites including, but not limited to, eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Alibaba and Rakuten.

    Warranty is not applicable to merchandise. All merchandise sales are final.

    Contact us at Proof of purchase is required to verify eligibility. You will receive a reply within 48-72 hours to coordinate a replacement or refund. After sending in your defective parts, please allow at least 5-7 business days for processing.

    Refunds are limited to the original purchase price. No other person is authorized to modify this limited warranty. This warranty cannot be transferred or reassigned.

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