Hydrology 9 – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Cloudious 9
Country of Manufacture China
Style Portable
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Warranty 2 Year
MSRP $249

Brief Overview

The Hydrology 9 is the first portable vaporizer to incorporate a leak resistant integrated water filtration system that provides a unique vaping experience. The patent pending integrated “Tunnel Tube” water filtration system provides for cleaner and smoother inhalation with no additional attachments or setup, while maintaining 360-degree leak protection.


A: About 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery.
A: The Hydrology 9 comes with a micro USB cord and an AC adapter. You will plug the cord into the adapter and then charge via a wall outlet. After doing so, simply insert the micro USB into the side of the Hydrology 9.
A: Yes, Hydrology 9 charges via micro USB and can be used while charging!


A: Once turned on, simply press the power button once to change the temperature. The LED will flash the according temperature setting. Once on the setting you want, allow Hydrology 9 to heat up (flashing the corresponding temperature color), it will turn green when ready.
1st degree: Blue
2nd degree: Yellow
3rd degree: Orange
4th degree: Purple
5th degree: Red
A: No you don’t! The Hydrology 9 will remember that last setting it was set to.


A: Hydrology 9 comes with a very detailed step by step instruction manual and is fairly simple to use.

1. Remove the borosilicate mouthpiece and the anti-leak top cover
2. Fill the top opening with water to the desired amount. Do not fill more than 70% of the water chamber.
3. Screw the borosilicate mouthpiece and the anti-leak top cover back on the device.
4. Unscrew the bottom chamber cover.
5. Fill with medium to finely ground material.
6. Secure the bottom chamber cover.
7. Press the power button 3 times quickly to turn on/off.
8. Once on, by pressing the power button you will cycle through the temperature settings. When at the desired temperature, wait for the flashing light to turn solid green to begin use.
9.During use, the oven will stay on for 120 seconds. It will the go into standby mode for 60 seconds, which is represented by a solid blue glow. This will complete your session.
To start another session, press the button once to re-enter the temperature selection rotation, repeating step 8.
10. During session, twist the bottom stir knob for a more even heat distribution.
11. Press the circular operational button quickly three times to turn off.
12. The device will power off after idle for 10 minutes.

A: Medium/Fine grind
A: Hydrology 9 should pre-heat in 60 seconds.
A: No you can not, it is designed for dry materials.


A: You will use this to adjust the air intake on the side. Adjust the intake to suit your airflow needs.

Common Product Issues

A: The device will go into standby mode after 120 seconds. Then it will turn off after being idle for 10 minutes.

Cleaning & Maintenance

1. Remove the mouthpiece.
2. Fill the device with clean water and shake it while covering the opening.
3. Use the included long cleaning brush to clean the glass water chamber.
4. Use short cleaning brush to clean the air intake, heating chamber, and the interior air duct.

Ordering / Returns / Warranty

A: The warranty is for 2 year.
Product Dimensions 6.9375″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″
Product Weight 0.95 lb
Package Dimensions 8.75″ x 5.25″ x 2.875″
Package Weight 1.9 lb
Charging Options A/C Plug
Battery Type 2000 mAh
Battery Capacity 2000 mAh
Tank Material Food grade porcelain chamber
Replaceable Battery No
Recharge Time 2-3 Hours
Heating Element Ceramic
Warm-Up Time ~ 60 seconds
Vapor Path Silicon, Borosilicate, Aluminum
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw
Method Conduction

Included with Purchase:

  • Hydrology 9 Vaporizer
  • AC Adapter & Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit Set

Hydrology 9

The Hydrology 9 has an excellent finish available in Aluminum.

Getting the Most Out of Your Hydrology 9

  • DO NOT blow back into the Hydrology 9. This will cause water to spill from the bottom.
  • DO NOT shake or turn 360 degrees multiple times. This can cause leakage.
  • In case of leak, stop using immediately.
  • Hold down button for 3 seconds to start LED light effects (visual purpose only)
  • Use the stir know throughout the session for best results.

Need Assistance with your Hydrology 9?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: Use the flat head tool to adjust the airflow vents to your liking!
A: If you press and hold for 3 seconds the lights will turn on, but no heat. You need to click the button 3 times to turn it on.
A: This will only happen if it is not tightened enough, or screwed on properly.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

Warranty Contact

The Hydrology 9 offers a 2 year warranty, Cloudious9 handles warranty.

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