h.Aire H2.2 Vape Vitals
Manufacturer hAire
Style Desktop
Method Convection
Warranty 3 year
Replacement Parts See Them All
MSRP 199.00
h.aire @ Vape World

Brief Overview

The hAire H2.2 is a high performance, versatile desktop vaporizer that’s perfect for large groups or solo sessions. The H2.2 can be used with a single direct draw-stem, with whip tubing, and can fill 2(or more!) balloons at once via forced air pump.

See User Guides below for full usage information.

Using Your H2.2

A: The hAire offers at least three different methods of vapor delivery, balloon, whip and direct draw, and all are super simple to use.

With so many options, we definitely recommend heading straight to the ‘User Guide’ Tab on the left for full H2.2 instructions, but here’s a quick rundown of the three main styles:

Direct Draw

Using just the mouthpiece and/or mouthpiece extension, the H2.2 can be used simply and without fuss for those that are looking for a simple way to directly draw from the H2.2.


Using the included aire(sic) pump, the H2.2 can easily be converted into a forced air system, to fill balloons, (or even use with a whip and direct draw!)


Using a combination of the direct draw mouthpiece and whip, you can easily add some flexibility to the H2.2 experience, especially when using it in groups. Add the air pump for completely effortless operation!

A: The difference between the older H2.1 model is that the hAire H2.2 has different color LED light indicators, an upgraded air pump.
A: For the H2.2, hAire recommends not to grind your blends. A fine grind will definitely fall through the crucible screen. We feel that a medium to chunky size is best, fully loaded.
A: The H2.2 will heat up in approximately two minutes. This is indicated by the red front LED and blue bottom LED turning green, telling you that the H2.2 is now ready.
A: Yes. The power switch and temperature dial are one in the same, so when you turn the H2.2 on, you also need to set the temperature.
A: The grind consistency and grind level combined with the temperature largely dictate the vapor quality. Experiment with different grind consistencies(are all the particles the same size?) and grind levels(chunky/medium chunky/morsels).

Also vary your draw rate to see if you can alter the vapor quality. Slow down a bit, and see what effect it has on the vapors.

A: The H2.2 was designed for dried aromatic blends only. Using liquids or concentrates could void your warranty.
A: The H2.2 will work on voltages from 110v to 240v, however you may need a plug adapter.
A: The H2.2 is capable of 240° to 400°F (115° to 204°C)
A: 400°F
A: At hAire, they recommend not grinding your blends, rather loading your crucible tightly. The H2.2 was designed this way; anything less than a fully loaded crucible will start to lower the thickness of the vapor produced.

Also, if you aren’t using a pump or balloon, vary your draw to see if you can alter the vapor quality. Slow down a bit, and see what effect it has on the vapor.

A: The temperature dial is set to Fahrenheit and cannot be changed.
A: The H2.2 uses high-impact plastic, teflon, and stainless steel.
A: The heat on the H2.2 is produced by a Nichrome wire resistance setup.
A: The H2.2 has a limit of 400°, so it depends on the blend you are using, but if you have the temperature set correctly for the blend you are using, you should not have a problem.
A: Per hAire’s instructions, you definitely don’t want to grind, just use dried chunky blends, and load the crucible as full as you can. According to hAire this is the method for producing the highest quality, thickest vapor.
A: In the H2.2 you should should not need to stir the blend in the crucible, if it loaded properly.
A: The H2.2 will shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity. Reset by turning off, then back on.

As a general safety rule, do not leave the H2.2 unattended while powered on.

A: Using the included black mouthpiece, insert end with the ‘V’ indentation just into the bag. Feed this into the clamp, so that clamp is surrounding the bag and mouthpiece around the area of the ‘V’ indentation, and tighten. Use caution to ensure a good seal, but not over-tighten. Trim off any excess balloon if needed. haire-balloon-setup
A: The screen above (and below, actually) has a very coarse screen size. This allows for high flow, but requires not grinding your blends. As such, the screens shouldn’t need replacement.

“Shouldn’t”… but if you need to, they are available in the replacement mouthpiece kit

A: The window on the bottom of the H2.2 allows the LED light mounted to the mainboard to shine through. This light is used in combination with the LED on the front of the H2.2 to tell you the status of the unit.

When you first turn the H2.2 on, the front LED will be red, and the bottom LED will be blue, indicating the unit has not achieved the temperature you set.

Once the set temperature is achieved, both the front and bottom lights will turn green.

If your H2.2 has achieved its set temperature and is then turned down, both green lights will turn red to indicate that the H2.2 is not currently at the temperature you have just set. As it cools down and reaches the new temperature, both lights will return to green.

The Unit has an auto shut off feature. 30 minutes after the H2.2 is last adjusted, it will flash a four color sequence on the bottom LED, and then shut off. Turn it off and back on to reset.

A: Using a Power Inverter/12V Car Adapter Some inexpensive power inverters are not compatible with the sophisticated temperature control electronics of the hAire. To determine whether or not you power inverter will work with the hAire a simple test can be done:

  • Plug the hAire into your power inverter and turn the temperature to 350°F/175°C.
  • Once the temperature is achieved the LED will turn to amber.
  • When the LED cycles through to red it will cycle back to amber within 30 seconds indicating your power inverter is compatible with the hAire. If the LED does not cycle back to amber within 30 seconds the power inverter is not compatible and the hAire should be turned off and not used with this power inverter.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A: Always unplug the vaporizer from the electrical outlet and allow to cool COMPLETELY before cleaning, 30 minutes should be sufficient.

Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in.

Do not attempt any internal or external repairs to your unit as doing so may cause fatal injury – or worse – void your warranty! (Please contact us if you feel something is wrong with your vaporizer.)

The cleaning tab has excellent care instructions, but for a quick clean, put crucible, mouthpiece and extension in the plastic tube they came in; fill 1/3 with isopropyl alcohol, replace cap, and shake vigorously. Let soak for a few minutes if this doesn’t clear all the debris on the first attempt.

A: Check your mouthpiece, crucible, and another other functional part for buildup or debris. You H2.2 will tell you when it needs cleaning!
A: Its perfectly okay on the mouthpiece, extensions, and crucible. We recommend using a BARELY damp cotton swap( damp with ispropyl alcohol) to clean the heating chamber. ALWAYS remember to unplug the H2.2 and allow to completely cool down when cleaning. Never bring liquids near the H2.2.
A: Almost everything! We have replacement parts for the H2.2 available here.

ALWAYS remember to unplug the H2.2 and allow to completely cool down when cleaning or dismantling to inspect your parts. Never bring liquids near the H2.2.

A: Cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol, chenile sticks. See full instructions on the ‘Cleaning’ tab
A: We definitely recommend replacing the balloon when dirty. The H2.2 comes with 10 balloons, and we have replacement balloons available.

Ordering – Returns – Warranty

A: The H2.2 has a 3 year Warranty.
A: Not at this time.
A: hAire is handling all warranty requests. hAire contact info is available on the ‘Warranty Tab’
A: There are no glass parts, so no worries about breakage! The H2.2 is definitely one of the most indestructible vaporizers on the market.
A: Your purchase of the H2.2 from Vape World initiates the warranty period. If you need proof of purchase of your H2.2 that you bought at Vape World, please contact us! 

If you have any other questions about the H2.2 vaporizer, please contact us! 

Product Dimensions 5.875in x 2.5in x 3.5in (14.9cm x 6.4cm x 8.9cm)
Package Dimensions 10.5in x 7.75in x 3.75in (26.7cm x 19.7cm x 9.5cm)
Product Weight .66lbs (.3kg)
Package Weight 3.1lbs (1.54kg)
Power Source 110v AC Adapter
Heating Element Nichrome wire resistance
Warm-Up Time ~120 Seconds
Vapor Path Teflon plastic, Steel, Hose/Balloon
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw, Balloon, Whip, +more
Country of Manufacture Canada
Warranty 3 Year

Included with Purchase:

  • hAire H2.2
  • Air Pump
  • Mouthpiece
  • 2x Mouthpiece Extensions
  • Whip Tubing
  • Crucible
  • 10x Balloons
  • 2x Clamps
  • 2x Bag Mouthpieces


H2.2 User Guides

*Adobe Reader or PDF viewer Required

Getting the Most Out of Your H2.2

  • Keep the crucible, upper screen, Teflon mouthpiece and mouthpiece extensions clean, they will experience the most buildup. Soak in isopropyl alcohol as needed. Its absolutely vital that this screen stay clean! Air flow will be effected if the upper screen mouthpiece is allowed to clog up.
  • Definitely don’t grind, per hAire’s instructions. Their system was designed for chunky, unbroken blends that are loaded tightly in the crucible.
  • Remove your vaporized blends from the crucible as soon as you can after they are depleted, this will cut down on crucible buildup dramatically.
  • Balloons not your thing? Using the whip or via direct draw, you can still use the fan, many owners prefer this whip method.
  • Need to plug the H2.2 balloon mouthpiece between draws? Your finger will have to do.


Keeping your H2.2 clean is the best way to ensure its peak performance.

  • Ensure the H2.2 is unplugged and has had plenty of time to cool down before you clean it.
  • The upper screens, teflon mouthpieces and mouthpiece extensions will take most of the buildup. Soaking in isopropyl alcohol will clean them perfectly. hAire recommends using the plastic storage container, just fill 1/3 full with isopropyl alcohol, and your Teflon pieces, replace the cap and shake vigorously.
  • To empty the core turn the unit upside down and allow the crucible to fall out into a metal or ceramic dish. CAUTION! The crucible can still be HOT! but will cool fast.
  • To clean the hose, soak in warm soapy water and manipulate the hose if needed to dislodge any stubborn buildup. Rinse twice, blow out ALL of the water, and allow to air dry COMPLETELY before use. Failure to dry your parts could allow water to enter the hAire, thereby voiding your warranty.
  • The H2.2 body can be cleaned with a warm damp cloth. Always unplug the H2.2 before cleaning, and allow it to cool down. We mention this again as the crucible could still be very hot inside the H2.2, and it could fall out as you are cleaning the unit. Never bring liquids near the H2.2.
  • Emptying the crucible immediately after its thoroughly used will cut down on the buildup you experience.
  • Soaking the crucible in isopropyl alcohol should remove any buildup, use a small soft brush if necessary.
  • When you balloon becomes dirty, replace it. We have replacement balloons and ‘high output‘ systems available for the H2.2.

Need Assistance with your hAire?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: Is the H2.2 plugged in? Are you getting any lights? If you get no activity when you turn it on, verify its the unit by trying a different outlet, and if you still get no activity from the H2.2, please contact us so we can determine if you need to contact hAire for warranty service.
A: It the temperature you set high enough for the particular blend you are using in the H2.2? With the plug connected and running, do you feel warm air coming out of the top of the H2.2? Monitor the LED’s, they indicated the current temp range.

Green lights mean that the H2.2 is at the temperature you set. A red light indicates heating, or that its overheated, if you have just turned it down from a higher temperature, the LED will be red until the temperature matches your set temperature.

If using direct draw or whip, feel for warmth around the heating chamber. If things seem to be running fine, slow down your draw, or slightly increase the temperature(slowly, and allow 30 seconds for the H2.2 to adjust).

If you feel the Unit appears to operating normally, but physically you can feel no sign of heating, please contact us!

A: The H2.2 has a maximum temperature of 400°F (200°C) so overheating is not an issue, as long as you have set the correct temperature for your particular blend. A good rule of thumb is to set the temperature purposefully low, and increase it a few degrees at a time, providing 30 seconds for the H2.2 to adjust. Try it after each adjustment, until you reach your perfect vapor levels.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please contact us.

As an Authorized Dealer of H.Aire Products, we offer a full line of H.Aire replacement parts and accessories!

3 Year Warranty Contact

The H2.2 has a limited 3-year warranty covering parts and labor costs against defects in materials and workmanship. hAire is handling all Warranty requests for the H2.2.

  • 403-949-2754 – Please make note of the model and serial number.

hAire warrants this product to be free from defects in material, operation and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of original purchase, unless otherwise noted. This warranty extends only to the original customer (purchaser) and does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, use for commercial purposes or any
other use not found in the user’s manual. hAire disclaims any responsibility for
consequential damages or incidental losses caused by use of this product. Any attempt to take the hAire apart voids this warranty.

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