Goboof Alfa

 Alfa – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Goboof
Style Portable
Method Conduction
Charging Time 4 Hours
Warranty 2 Year
Replacement Parts See them here
MSRP $199.00


Brief Overview

See User Guide below for full usage information.

Using Your Alfa

A: Fill the heating chamber with desired amount of aromatic blends. Use the control dial to set desired temperature. Wait until the flashing green light goes solid and then you are ready to use!
A: Fine to medium fine grinds will work best in Alfa.
A: 30 seconds
A: The grind level, adjusting the temperature and your draw rate will all play a role on the quality of the Alfa.
A: The heating chamber temperature for the Alfa is adjustable from 374°F (190°C) to 428° (220°C).
A: You can leave the dial on whichever temperature setting you prefer.
A: There is a dial on Alfa to set your desired temperature. There are 3 different settings: low 190°C/374°F, medium 210°C/410°F and high, 220°C/428°F.
A: In this mode, the Alfa will heat up to 190°C/374°F at which point it is ready to use. After that the Alfa will incrementally increase in temperature after every draw until it reaches a maximum temperature of 220°C/428°F.
A: In this mode, the Alfa will heat up to 190°C/374°F at which point it is ready to use. After that, the Alfa will incrementally increase in temperature every 3 minutes until it reaches a maximum temperature of 220°C/428°F.
A: Alfa was designed for aromatic blends.
A: The Alfa is made from hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel, high grade plastics and silicones.
A: The USB wall charger works with 110v & 220V. You may need an outlet adapter for locations outside of North America.
A: A full charge is achieved after about 4 hours.
A: A solid red LED light indicates that the Alfa is charging.
A: A solid green light will indicate that the Alfa battery is fully charged.
A: After a full charge, Alfa will last for 2 hours of continuous use.
A: Yes! If the Alfa has roughly 1/3 charge or more remaining on the battery, you can use it while plugged into the AC adapter. We recommend using the USB AC adapter for use while charging.
A: No, the battery is not replaceable on the Alfa.
A: Alfa utilizes conduction heating system and heats the aromatic material through direct contact.
A: With proper use, the Alfa will not overheat your blends.
A: Fill the oven completely for best results.
A: Stir every few draws for even vaporization.
A: Yes, Alfa has smart technology and can sense when you are not using it. After 10 minutes, it will turn off.

As a general safety rule, do not leave the Alfa unattended while powered on.

A: No, we do not recommend leaving your unit on while it’s not being used.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A: Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in.

Do not attempt any internal or external repairs to your unit as doing so may cause fatal injury – or worse – void your warranty! (Please contact us if you feel something is wrong with your vaporizer.)

Keep your vape clean! This will result in the best performance, and not cause any unnecessary stress on the machine. Like any high-tech equipment, you should handle your Alfa with care. Make certain it is packaged well during transport.

A: You can clean your Alfa as often as you prefer, but you should clean it when you are noticing residue starting to build up in the heating chamber as well as the mouthpiece area.
A: Yes, you can use a cotton swab lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the mouthpiece and the
heating chamber.
A: To replace the filter screen, place it on top of the heating chamber mouth and then use the filling end of the loading tool to push it down to the bottom. Ensure it is securely pushed against the base of the heating chamber.
A: Anywhere where buildup is occurring such as on the screens and in the heating chamber.
A: The mouthpiece
A: Yes! Isopropyl alcohol with a soft brush(do not use the brush included with the Alfa with alcohol) such as an old toothbrush with plastic bristles. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.

Ordering – Returns – Warranty

A: The Alfa has a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer if it is purchased from an authorized retailer such as VapeWorld.

Much more detailed warranty information is available on the Warranty tab.

A: Not at this time.
A: Goboof will handle the warranty for the Alfa.
A: Your registration begins on your purchase date. Retain your proof of purchase in case you ever need to get ahold of Alfa for any warranty information.

If you have any other questions about the Alfa vaporizer, please Contact us! 

Goboof Alfa

Vapor PathStainless Steel

Product Dimensions 3.43in x 1.9in x .75in (8.7cm x 4.8cm x 1.9cm)
Package Dimensions 5.1in x 3in x 3.9in (13cm x 7.5cm x 10cm)
Product Weight 3.7oz (105g)
Package Weight 8.4oz (238g)
Power Source 110v / 240v USB Wall Charger
Heating Element Stainless steel
Warm-Up Time 90 seconds
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw
Country of Manufacture Ireland
Warranty 2 Years

Included with Alfa Purchase:

  • Alfa Vaporizer
  • Spare Mouthpiece
  • 110v – 240v USB Wall Charger
  • 3 Spare Screens
  • 3 Chenile Sticks
  • User Guide

Alfa User Guides


  • Alfa Vaporizer User Guide Coming Soon
*Adobe Reader or PDF viewer Required

Get the most out of your Alfa:

  • Grind Consistency – are the ground-up particles all roughly the same size?
  • Grind level – the Alfa prefers a medium grind, but experiment with finer or coarser grinds to see if it achieves the result you are after.
  • Amount Used – Some vaporizers thrive when loaded fully. Others, not so much.
  • Draw Rate – Conduction vaporizers with good airflow can have their temperatures altered by the speed at which you draw a breath. As the air passes through the chamber, obviously it heats up. If you inhale fast, causing the air to move quickly, it only has “X” amount of time to heat up. However if you draw slowly, the air has much more time to heat up, and therefore could deliver a thicker vapor. Drawing fast = cooler temps; drawing slow = warmer temps.


Goboof recommends that you clean the Alfa regularly to keep it in good condition.

1. To begin cleaning, remove the mouthpiece to expose the vapor path.

2. Open the oven door and using the cleaning pick provided, carefully lift the screen from the oven.

3. Use the cleaning pick to remove used dry material. Use an alcohol wipe to clean in and around the oven and the oven door area thoroughly.

4. Insert the cleaning tool through the mouthpiece end and push/pull through the oven end. Finish the cleaning by putting the cleaning tool through the oven end and pulling through the mouthpiece. Repeat as needed.

Tip: Wipe the cleaner tool down with the alcohol wipe for easier cleaning.

When placing the screen back into the oven, use the cleaner tool to tamp it back into place.

Need Assistance with your Alfa?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: If you are seeking thicker vapors, ensure that you are filling the heating chamber completely full, but not loaded tightly. Also, make sure your aromatic blend is finely ground. The more surface area you can create, the move vapor can be produced at once.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

Goboof Alfa

As an authorized dealer of the Alfa, we offer Alfa vaporizer replacement parts and accessories!

See them here

Alfa 2 Year Warranty

2 Years from the purchase date. Goboof will handle the warranty for the Alfa.

Contact them at: info@goboof.com

If you need more information about Alfa’s Warranty, please Contact us


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