Crafty – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Style Portable
Method Convection/Conduction
Charging Time ~ 2 Hours
Warranty 2 Years
Replacement Parts See Them All
MSRP $339.00

Brief Overview

The Crafty is so easy to use! You turn on the Crafty with only a press of a button. It heats up automatically until it reaches the default set basic temperature of 180°C (356°F) When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp. The LED changes the color from red to green. Temperatures can be adjusted through a free smartphone app, that tracks battery usage, usage duration, LED and haptic feedack control. Android App, iOS coming soon.

See User Guide below for full usage information.

Crafty Vaporizer Unboxing


A: The Crafty uses one lithium-ion internal rechargeable battery which lasts me about 45 minutes of average continuous use or about 4 sessions.
A: The Crafty offers pass-through charging, but requires at least a 20% charge to operate.
A: Yes, the plug is 100v-240v, but you may need an outlet adapter for locations outside of North America.


A: The Crafty allows you to control its temperature from an app installed on any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
A: The Crafty has a default set basic temperature of 180°C (356°F). Once you use the smartphone app to change the temperature, the Crafty will remember the last set temperature you used.
A: The Crafty powers up with one press of its power button, and heats up automatically until it reaches the default set basic temperature of 180°C (356°F). There is also a booster temperature at 195°C (383°F). When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp. The LED changes the color from red to green.

The Crafty also offers a free remote control app for your smartphone that gives you the ability to set basic and booster temperature and other settings of your Crafty according to your preferences. The connection to your phone is made via Bluetooth, and this app is made for iPhone 4s or higher, and Android.

Download and install the app, and enter the 6-digit serial number from the bottom of your device and you are ready to use the remote!

A: Medium to fine grind is best, you want maximum surface area, yet not so fine as to escape through the holes in the screens.
A: When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp. The LED changes the color from red to green and you’re good to go!

You can also set the haptic feedback to notify you when the set temperature is reached, with the option to have your smartphone notify you as well.

A: The grind level & consistency, temperature and your personal draw rate will all play a role on the quality of the Crafty. A faster draw rate will produce slightly thinner vapors, and a slower draw rate will produce slightly thicker vapors. Adjust all of these variables until you find your vapor perfection.


A: The Crafty is designed for aromatic blends, but it does come with a liquid pad that you can use with liquids and concentrates. The max temp of the crafty is 410F, or 200C.
A: Using the Liquid Pad is simple. load the pad prior to placing in the heating chamber, or place the Liquid Pad into the heating chamber and drip or apply your liquids or concentrates to the pad. Then, simply use Crafty as you normally would. Users have reported that higher temperatures work best with liquids and concentrates, we recommend starting at your normal temperatures and working your way up until you find the perfect temperature for you liquids or concentrates.
A: With proper use, the Crafty will not overheat your blends.
A: To achieve best vapor quality, it is recommended to fill the chamber completely. However, smaller amounts will have work, but will produce a thinner vapor. If you aren’t able to fill it completely, use the included liquid pad to occupy any voids created by very small amounts.
A: Stirring isn’t necessarily required with the Crafty, although you can stir in the middle of your session using the orange stir tool tucked inside the unit. If your blend is browning evenly, you should not need to stir. If you load the chamber too tightly, you may cause airflow issues and uneven browning.
A: With an auto-shutoff one minute after the last button was pressed, its very difficult to leave the Crafty on.
A: Yes, and it comes with 3 spare screens.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A: Always unplug the vaporizer from the electrical outlet and allow to cool COMPLETELY before cleaning, 30 minutes should be sufficient. Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in.
Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in.

Do not attempt any internal or external repairs to your unit as doing so may cause fatal injury – or worse – void your warranty! (Please contact us if you feel something is wrong with your vaporizer.)

Keep your spare parts clean. This will result in the best performance, and not cause any unnecessary stress on the machine. Like any high-tech equipment, you should handle your Crafty with care. Make certain it is packaged well during transport.

A: Isopropyl alcohol will work best to clean the screens and areas with built up residue. The included brush will also help clean out the heating chamber. Never allow liquids of any kind near the Crafty unit itself, remove the parts you need to clean and place the unit in a dry place until your cleaning is complete.
A: You should clean the spare parts when they get dirty. Look specifically at the upper screens and cooling draw stem & o-rings that collect buildup. Inspecting your parts periodically will help to make the parts last longer and the machine perform at its best. Use the included cleaning brush regularly to help keep you parts free of debris between more thorough cleanings.
A: Use the included brush for dry cleanings, and isopropyl alcohol for more thorough cleanings. The stir tool can be used to aid in o-ring removal.
A: Anywhere where buildup is occurring such as on the screens and in the heating chamber, cooling unit and the draw stem.
A: The screens, seal ring set, cooling unit, mouthpiece, liquid pads, cleaning brushes and the filler tools are all replaceable.
A: No! Isopropyl alcohol isn’t compatible with the mighty grinder.
A: Yes! Isopropyl alcohol with a soft brush (do not use the brush included with the Crafty with alcohol) such as an old toothbrush with plastic bristles. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.

Ordering / Returns / Warranty

A: The Crafty has a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer if it is purchased from an authorized retailer such as VapeWorld.
A: The Crafty Vaporizer system already comes with a complimentary Storz & Bickel grinder. We’ve got you covered!
A: Not at this time.
A: Please contact Storz & Bickel, full contact information is available on the ‘Warranty’ tab.
A: We are always glad to assist our valued customers in discounts and price matching, whether retroactively or at the time of your order. At this time, there are no applicable discount codes for the Crafty vaporizer or Crafty accessories.

If you are interested in any accompanying products such as a storage case, grinder, or other accessories, the following coupon code will add a 10% discount on any applicable item: the10percent.

A: Your registration begins on your purchase date. Retain your proof of purchase in case you ever need to get ahold of Storz and Bickel for any warranty information.
A: Yes, the Crafty will shut off automatically 1 minute after the last press of a button or the last application. The Switching off of the Crafty is indicated by a short vibration and by displaying the charged state. As a general safety rule, do not leave the Crafty unattended while powered on.
Crafty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel

Product Dimensions 9.875in x 5in x 3.25in
Product Weight l.05bs
Charging Options Power Adapter with USB Cable
Power Source The Crafty completely recharges in about 2 hours
Battery Type The Crafty is powered by an internal, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It’s not user-replaceable
Country of Manufacture  Germany
Color Options 

Vapor Path  Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Warranty 2 Year

Crafty User Guides

*Adobe Reader or PDF viewer Required

Get the most out of your Crafty:

  • The stir tool has to be removed from the crafty in order to expose the USB charging port, but make sure not to lose the tool by turning it upside down back into its holding slot until you are done charging, then replace as normal.
  • The draw stem acts to cool the vapors within its channels, and this will definitely cause buildup. Check the draw stem frequently for excessive buildup.
  • Grind Consistency – are the ground-up particles all roughly the same size?
  • Grind level – the Crafty prefers a medium grind, but experiment with finer or coarser grinds to see if it achieves the result you are after.
  • Draw Rate – Convection vaporizers with good airflow can have their temperatures altered by the speed at which you draw a breath. As the air passes over the heating element, obviously it heats up. If you inhale fast, causing the air to move quickly over the heating element, it only has “X” amount of time to heat up. However if you draw slowly, the air has much more time to heat up, and therefore will deliver a much warmer air to your blends. Drawing fast = cooler temps; drawing slow = warmer temps.

Included with Crafty Purchase:

  • 1 pc. Crafty Vaporizer
  • 1 pc. Power Adapter with USB Cable
  • 1 pc. Liquid Pad
  • 3 pc. Spare Screens
  • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush
  • 1 pc. Grinder
  • 1 pc. Filling Aid
  • 1 Set of Spare Seal Rings
  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use

Crafty Vaporizer What's Included in the box

Need Assistance with your Crafty?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: If you are seeking thicker vapors, ensure that you are filling the heating chamber completely full, but not loaded tightly. If you are unable to fill the chamber completely, use the included liquid pad to fill the void. Also, make sure your aromatic blend is finely ground. The more surface area you can create, the move vapor can be produced at once.
A: Check to make sure that the Crafty’s battery is fully charged. If your Crafty will still not turn on, then the device may need to be sent in for warranty services.
A: The battery temperature is either too high or too low. Allow the hot vaporizer to cool down or the cold vaporizer to warm up.
A: This means that the battery is completely discharged. Please connect the charger to the Crafty.
A: This means that the power adapter or the USB cable is not suitable. Please use an original Storz & Bickel power adapter and USB cable or 12 volt car adapter.
A: This means that it needs to go in for warranty services. Please contact Storz & Bickel to handle your warranty for you.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

Crafty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel
As an Authorized Dealer of Storz & Bickel Products, we offer a full line of Crafty replacement parts and accessories!

Crafty 2 Year Warranty

Storz & Bickel will handle all requests and notices from U.S. customers under this warranty shall be directed to:

Storz & Bickel America, Inc.
1078 60th St, Suite A
Oakland, CA 94608
Phone: 510.451.2053
Fax: 510.451.2053

All requests from Canadian and all other customers under this warranty shall be directed to:

Storz & Bickel GmbH & co. KG
Rote Strasse 1
78532 Tuttlingen, Germany
Phone: +49-7461-969707-0
Fax: +49-7461-969707-7

The Crafty is covered by a 2 year warranty. In the event of any defect you are recommended to send the complete device back to Storz & Bickel with all parts. If the defect has occurred on the grounds of a material or construction error within the warranty period, they will eliminate the defect free of charge. If the defect was caused by you, e.g. because you dropped your vaporizer, they will send you an estimate for the repair and will do the repair as soon as you have agreed to accept their estimate.

Full Crafty Warranty Information

If you need more information about Crafty’s Warranty, please Contact us

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