Arizer Air – Vape Vitals
Manufacturer Arizer
Style Portable
Method Direct Draw
Warranty 2 Years
Replacement Parts See Them All
MSRP 259.99

Arizer Air

Brief Overview

See User Guides Tab below for full usage information.

Unboxing the Arizer Air

Using Your Arizer Air

A: The Arizer Air is simple to use. We definitely recommend viewing the User Guide tab on the left for full instructions from Arizer, but it’s just this easy: After the Air is preheated, load the glass chamber, load the glass stem into the Air, and draw. What could be easier?
A: A medium to coarse grind works best with the Arizer Air.
A: Less than 2 minutes.
A: The grind level & consistency, temperature and your personal draw rate will all play a role on the quality of the Arizer Air. A faster draw rate will produce slightly thinner vapors, and a slower draw rate will produce slightly thicker vapors. Adjust all of these variables until you find your vapor perfection.
A: 338°F – 410°F (170°C – 210°C)
A: The Arizer Air’s temperature can be adjusted by the up and down arrows.

Arizer Air Temperature Levels

Level 1 (Blue) – 170°C / 338°F
Level 2 (White) – 180°C / 356°F
Level 3 (Green) – 190°C / 374°F
Level 4 (Orange) – 200°C / 393°F
Level 5 (Red) – 210°C / 410°F

A: You may want to stir your material once during your session to ensure even vaporization.
A: No, this unit is made for aromatic blends only.
A: Yes, but you may need a plug adapter for international plugs.
A: 1 hour of continuous use.
A: You can use a little less than a full load, but we recommend loading to the brim and lightly tamping down on the material.
A: Yes, this unit has user-replaceable batteries.
A: Yes. There are user-replaceable batteries available.
A: Yes!
A: With proper use, the Arizer Air should not over-heat your blends.
A: It should be filled completely but not tightly.
A: Yes, the Arizer Air has a 10 minute auto-shutoff.
A: No, there are no screens in the Arizer Air.
A: For safety reasons, we recommend turning off your Arizer Air when it’s not being used.

Cleaning & Maintenance


Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in.

Do not attempt any internal or external repairs to your unit as doing so may cause fatal injury – or worse – void your warranty! (Please contact us if you feel something is wrong with your vaporizer.)

Keep your vape clean! This will result in the best performance, and not cause any unnecessary stress on the machine. Like any high-tech equipment, you should handle your Arizer Air with care. Make certain it is packaged well during transport.

A: Clean the mouthpiece with isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water to remove any residue build-up. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
A: As often as you’d like or when you can see residue starting to build up.
A: The glass mouthpiece will collect the most buildup.  
A: The battery, charger, and the glass mouthpiece are all replaceable. We also have other related accessories available for the Air!
A: Yes! You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the grinder and rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.

Ordering – Returns – Warranty

A: The Arizer Air features a two year manufacturer’s warranty, restricted to normal use. Due to quality craftsmanship, the Air’s Heating Element is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
A: Your warranty starts on your date of purchase, please contact us if you have any questions.
A: Not at this time. 
A:  VapeWorld handles all warranty requests for Arizer products, see the ‘Warranty’ tab for more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you have any other questions about the Arizer Air vaporizer, please Contact us!

Product Dimensions 4.8in x 1.14in
Charging Options Power Adapter
Replaceable Battery Yes
Heating Element Ceramic
Warm-Up Time <2 Minutes
Vapor Path Glass
Vapor Delivery Method Direct Draw
Country of Manufacture Canada
Warranty 2 years

Included with Purchase:

  • Arizer Air Vaporizer
  • 1 x Arizer Air Portable Diffuser
  • 1 x Charger
  • 2 x Glass Diffuser Stems
  • 1 x Glass Aroma Dish
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Protective Silicone Skin
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

Arizer Air Colors

Available in black and silver.

Arizer Air User Guides

Coming Soon

Need Assistance with your Arizer Air?

Try these Solutions to common issues:

A: If your Arizer Air is not heating and it’s completely charged, please contact our Customer Care department to assistance.  
A: There are many variables at play here. The consistency of the grind of your aromatic blend, the amount of blend in the heating chamber, how evenly the chamber is loaded…A good baseline to start with is the Following:

  • A consistent grind (all ground particles are of roughly the same size)
  • A medium-level grind, as opposed to a fine grind. Think freshly cracked pepper, vs finely ground pepper. It is recommended to break your blends up by hand. Most grinders will create too fine a grind for the Arizer Air .
  • A full heating chamber, but not loaded tightly. Don’t fill it past the top of the glass, and then lightly tamp it down to be level.
  • Vary your draw rate: its possible you are inhaling too hard or too fast. Slow down a bit, and see if the vapor qualities change.
  • A full heating chamber, but not loaded tightly.
This is possible, but entirely avoidable. To avoid this, start off on a lower temperature and work your way up to the higher temperatures toward the end of your session.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, please Contact us.

Arizer Air Year Warranty Info

All Arizer products and accessories are warrantied and serviced by VapeWorld. Please contact us if you have an questions about your Arizer Air Warranty.

The Arizer Air vaporizer features a two year manufacturer’s warranty, restricted to normal use. Due to quality craftsmanship, the Air’s heating element is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and the lithium battery is covered by a one year warranty. Contact VapeWorld for all warranty requests and service for Arizer products.

If you need more information, please Contact us


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